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Just After the War

Is the key period in modern Polish history of 1944–1949 equally important in the field of art? How were the first years of the new, dynamically changing socio-political reality and atmosphere, on the one hand the “euphoria of rebuilding” and on the other the “Great Fear” interpreted by artists? The exhibition is an attempt to answer the question as to how the complicated social moods and political tensions in post-war Poland found their expression in the visual arts, photographs, film and also architecture and design.

03.10 - 10.01

Marek Sobczyk
“museum” in quotation marks

The “museum” in quotation marks is […] an individual response to the phenomenon of the gathering of collections, of the creating of new places of acquisitions, of museums, of the employing of curators, of the manipulating of the machinery of the market with the aim of crating collections, and also with the field of the presenting of collections, of the publishing of papers”, Marek Sobczyk wrote in 2006 in the folder accompanying the exhibition which took place in Zachęta’s Mały Salon in 2006.

At the exhibition in Zachęta, he investigates amongst others critical art (Kowalski, Kozyra and Żmijewski), and the work of Uklański, but also that of Polke, Richter and Duchamp. By taking these (and other) names in quotation marks, the public receives not only their art, but also an image of it, through the analysis of artistic styles by Marek Sobczyk. In this edition, the “museum” in quotation marks will also feature installations, sculptures and objects as developed by Sobczyk to accompany paintings by Marek Sobczyk – one of the most interesting contemporary painters with an unwavering place in the canon of Polish art.

05.12 - 31.01

Ieva Epnere
Pyramiden and Other Stories

Zachęta Project Room
ul. Gałczyńskiego 3

The “Pyramiden and Other Stories” exhibition in Warsaw gives one the opportunity to confront Epnere’s newest project with a selection of her earlier works. It seems that the point of departure for all of them is the artist’s intention to reveal the spiritual aspect of art.

21.11 - 17.01