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Zbigniew Warpechowski. It

The exhibition in Zachęta is the first such extensive presentation of the work of Zbigniew Warpechowski – a precursor of performance art in Poland and one of the first in the world to work in this genre – presenting documentation of several dozen of the actions realized by the artist over the course of the last 50 years.

20.09 - 11.11


“Corpus” is a group exhibition comprised of works relating to the body and corporality, inspired by the booksCorpus and Corpus II. Writings on Sexuality by Jean-Luc Nancy — one of the most important contemporary French philosophers.

01.09 - 19.10

Cosmos Calling! Art and Science in the Long Sixties

With the onset of the post-Stalin ‘thaw’ in the Eastern Bloc countries and the proclamation of a scientific-technological revolution, science and technology became an important weapon in Cold War rivalries on both sides of the Iron Curtain, causing space flight, modern telecommunications and nuclear energy to emerge as the symbols of the following decade. New scientific disciplines, including astronautics and the literal ‘detachment from the earth’ it made possible, as well as the impact of cybernetics (now rehabilitated in the communist bloc) and its related disciplines such as biocybernetics, robotics or artificial intelligence, shaped the collective imagination and provided a strong inspiration for all artistic disciplines, from painting, sculpture and music to design, architecture and urban planning.

01.07 - 28.09

Suzan Shutan

Becoming is an installation consisting of hundreds of pompons — a set of inconspicuous coloured dots installed in space in a spontaneous, but well thought through configuration. The flexibility, mobility and modularity of the wired ‘fluffy atoms’ — which viewers can touch and set in motion — constitutes a spectacular performative aspect, liberating the composition from abstraction’s pomposity or conventionality. And this leads directly to a process in which a known and proven order undergoes a transformation of becoming something completely new.

29.08 - 31.01