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On Appropriation in Art

The exhibition is devoted to issues of appropriation, borrowing, processing, remixing and sampling of culture using existing objects such as artistic and press photographs, works of art created by other artists, films, literature, music, and all things created within the wider sphere of culture and beyond. Such actions differ in their scope, from direct, literal appropriations free of any intervention by the artists, through small transformations, to inspirations producing brand new works of art and new visual forms, only alluding to their originals.

07.03 - 31.05

Anna Jermolaewa
Good Times, Bad Times

“Good Times, Bad Times” is the title of the first solo exhibition of the artist in Poland. Anna Jermolaewa is considered one of Austria’s most outstanding contemporary artists. As a media artist, she works mainly with photography, video and installation. Her main interests are the analysis of society’s functional structures, as well as social relations and the circumstances of everyday life. With her works, she puts a focus on the basic conditions and requirements of human existence.

28.02 - 10.05

Waiting for Better Times

Zachęta Project Room invites you to the opening of the exhibition on Friday, 13th February at 7 p.m.

“Waiting for Better Times” is a group exhibition presenting photographs, videos, drawings, and objects by young- and mid-generation Moldovan artists, as well as two projects created in Moldova by Polish artists. The selected works in various ways illustrate the situation in Moldova, a country of complex identity, undergoing transformation, receiving influences from both the east and west of Europe, stretched between post-Soviet sentiments and aspirations of social and economic development. The works show urban and rural landscapes, portraying people and their living conditions, expressing their hopes and frustrations. Often they refer to cultural (including folk) traditions or social issues, or metaphorically present the country’s political problems.

14.02 - 12.04

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