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New exhibitions are on their way. Visit us from 29th November.

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Flo Kasearu. We Are on the Way

Flo Kasearu, one of the most talented Estonian artists of the young generation, decided to send a selection of her recent works on the road. On September 21 this year, a small truck departed from the artist’s House Museum in Tallinn. Its destination was the Zachęta Project Room (MPZ) where the selection was turned into an exhibition. Thus the Warsaw gallery became a twin institution of the Tallinn venue, with the ‘mother museum’ expanding the area and scope of its activity for two months.

27.09 - 23.11

Suzan Shutan

Becoming is an installation consisting of hundreds of pompons — a set of inconspicuous coloured dots installed in space in a spontaneous, but well thought through configuration. The flexibility, mobility and modularity of the wired ‘fluffy atoms’ — which viewers can touch and set in motion — constitutes a spectacular performative aspect, liberating the composition from abstraction’s pomposity or conventionality. And this leads directly to a process in which a known and proven order undergoes a transformation of becoming something completely new.

29.08 - 31.01