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I’ve Been Here; I Hope the Same for You. Henryk Tomaszewski

This exhibition organised to mark the centenary of the birth of Henryk Tomaszewski – graphic artist, designer, cartoonist and one of the most important figures of Polish graphic art after the Second World War – will present the unusually expressive, unique style of the artist’s graphic design and its sources.

15.03 - 10.06

Paulina Ołowska. The Spell of Warsaw

The largest Polish presentation of Paulina Ołowska’s work to date, the exhibition shows both its thematic diversity and the various working methods employed by the artist. It features works of painting, sculpture, stage design, installation, neon light, assemblage, drawing, collage, textile, as well as a new installation, created specially for the exhibition: a fashion store with a collection by the brand Clemens en August.

01.03 - 27.04

Monika Zawadzki. Cattle

Monika Zawadzki creates simple forms, in the vein of traditional graphic design, using sculpture, painting, and video. One of the main themes of her work is the idea of identity creation, expressed through various universal and simple shapes. Zawadzki is preoccupied with issues of social exclusion or limitation, the mechanisms of individual functioning, alterity and corporeality, which she investigates from a broad perspective.

05.04 - 18.05

Magda Franczak, Yael Frank.
The Ice Is Melting, Ms Frankczak

The exhibition has been inspired by Tarjei Vesaas’s book The Ice Palace (1963). Everything began in 2012 when Magda Franczak, an artist living and working in Lublin, met Tel Aviv-based Yael Frank, who was presenting her work at Lublin’s Labirynt Gallery. The acquaintance soon revealed deeper – going beyond just last-name or hair-colour similarity – affinities between the two artists, concerning existential (generational) histories or artistic interests. The meeting led to the idea of producing a joint project for the Zachęta Project Room.

The exhibition is accompanied by a special soundtrack composed by Marcin Dymiter (with Paweł Nowicki). You can download it here. Download, come, listen and watch!

22.03 - 18.05