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On Appropriation in Art

The exhibition is devoted to issues of appropriation, borrowing, processing, remixing and sampling of culture using existing objects such as artistic and press photographs, works of art created by other artists, films, literature, music, and all things created within the wider sphere of culture and beyond. Such actions differ in their scope, from direct, literal appropriations free of any intervention by the artists, through small transformations, to inspirations producing brand new works of art and new visual forms, only alluding to their originals.

07.03 - 31.05

Tamy Ben-Tor & Miki Carmi
Young Emerging Artists Eating and Fucking

Tamy Ben-Tor and Miki Carmi’s exhibition is an attempt to mash together two strong artistic personalities that seemingly do not have much in common. It’s a kind of experiment – a challenge posed by the artists for themselves – or a test: can this real-life couple also work as an artistic duo?
This is a very personal project – both artists have involved their family members in their works, treating them as objects of study and putting them on display. They analyse their own identity and, by working as a duo, eventually do a vivisection of their own marriage, redefining their relationship.

18.04 - 31.05

From the Zachęta Collection

The latest presentation of the collection in the Raczyński tenement building on Małachowski Square, just opposite Zachęta is entitled “TRUTH BEAUTY GOODNESS”. The famous platonic triad of the highest ideas and values is a quotation from one of the works presented at the exhibition: a photograph by Jadwiga Sawicka where this text is scratched into a plastic bottle. This title sounds somewhat ironic if we recall that these concepts are eagerly referred to by conservative critics when excoriating contemporary art for its lack of ideas and betrayal of ideals. But are they right? Perhaps, on the contrary, it is artists that stubbornly and resolutely still show us (critics and viewers) the often unwanted side of truth, by questioning goodness and beauty in their contemporary pop incarnations.

15.04 - 19.07

Natalia Bażowska. Lair

Zachęta Project Room
ul. Gałczyńskiego 3

In her artistic credo Natalia Bażowska declares her fascination for life in all its forms, for both its psychological aspects and the physiology of the body, and for drawing inspiration also from the world around her. The exhibition that she has prepared for the Zachęta Project Room confirms these theses.

25.04 - 21.06